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Introduction to Focus Friday Motivational Messages

July, 28th 2022 Focus Friday Introduction

Hey there! Its me Robin! It’s been a whirlwind of obstacles this week and my oh my! However, I know these challenges are meant to grow me.

With that being said, I’m so grateful you have joined my website to receive the Focus Friday weekly motivations! Let me first start with, you are not here by accident. In some form or fashion we have made a connection. And you believe I can help you in someway. (As one of my professions, I do offer visionary coaching sessions when requested)

The purpose of these messages are to help equip you to trigger the thoughts in your mind so that you can choose to think believe and achieve whatever it is that you desire. Along with my short messages or stories I will give you a challenge to trigger the mind to TBA and to hopefully help you in a positive way to Carryout the rest of your week or weekend.

Please feel free to share my website with others so that they can get information about updates of Upcoming events opportunities and motivational messages too.

I would like to mention I have several projects that are taking place right now and I am so excited about them! I will share one of them with you today. If you follow me on social media you know that I have launched a new magazine called SWIFTmag for single women that are in focus today. I am currently looking for an Editor, contributing writers for various topics, graphic artist, photographers and Brand Ambassadors to help grow this magazine so we can carry it forth to help women that are single through all stages of life on an international level. You do not have to be a single person to contribute as we already have men and married women who are contributing article writers. So everyone can contribute. To know more and If you would like to be a part of this magazine platform please join our Facebook page Swift magazine.

You’re probably wondering “Robin how in the world did you get to where you are today?” Well let me tell you it wasn’t easy. Matter of fact, it was the most scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I’ll be honest it was my faith that keep me focused through it all. I had to go through a few hard situations just to get the confidence I have today to make purpose with my life. I used to be a very insecure woman but very public. Now I know that may seem strange however that was really how my life was. I’ve always love to serve people and give back to people. So I would help publicly but and cover up my personal issues. And because of some personal situations, I was very insecure on the inside and I hid it so well. It was when I chose to walk away from my life that I’ve always known for 29 years to get myself in the room and let a room work for me.

Such as first of all just by listening and observing what positive and informative things people would say that could benefit me I was able to get confidence. (That’s the goal for you too as you receive these messages. Keep reading…)

And over the course of five years I have made some wonderful amazing connections with people such as yourself. I am definitely proof that there is life beyond the trees and there is life beyond what your reality seems to be. This is my main reason why I want to come on here and be inspirational to those who have subscribed to my website. I know what it means to walk in insecurity. I know what it means to feel like a failure. I know what it means to walk in fear that life is totally over when you lose a lot of people in your life or even materialistic things that you are so accustomed to having. And if my life stories and messages can help give you hope to press Forward to have one more day of peace then I’ve served my purpose.

Also just so you know this will be the longest message you will probably receive because this is an introduction. The other messages will be short simple and sweet well I’ll try to make it like that anyway. (Smile)

So get ready to be encouraged empowered and equipped to focus forward with me on this inspirational journey! I’m so glad you are here with me to grow and be challenged.

Peace love and harmony always!

Robin Shockley

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