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It’s more than just an award

I will never forget this moment. It was in 2016. I had a tiny little thrift store between Berea and San Suci of Greenville SC. In that store I serve the community with resources for assistance as well as I had a helping hands food pantry where I gave out boxes of food items weekly to people in need. I had several volunteers who helped me run my store. I remember people would come off the street just wanting to come volunteer for no apparent reason. I even had people that would be driving down from other cities and states just because of the atmosphere that I carried in my store with his HIS Radio station music that played every day all day of Mandisa music such as Overcomer Stronger & Unfinished. I remember working in that store crying and believing for breakthroughs for the community as well as my own personal life.

I loved my little business I had. So much growth came from there. People traveled from everywhere just to be in the atmosphere. That’s not common and I don’t take for granted how God used me back then and uses me now. My life has always been centered around building people whether it was my family business or community and friends. When it’s in you it never leaves just because one season ends.


Cece Mcaela of the TV show “Girlfriends” wanted to recognize me for my service at one of her award events. I remember telling God “oh my goodness God, I can’t believe I’m getting an award it was never expected because Im was always doing stuff behind the scenes but God you don’t have to do anything else for me this is the greatest honor to receive this one award thank you Lord!”

And then God replied and told me “ you just wait Robin this is only the beginning of what’s to come”

As years have passed I have been honored and received numerous awards. But I know in my spirit it wasn’t even about the award it was about the meaning behind it.

And because I have recognize the true meaning of what it is to receive such a high honor of an award God has put it in my heart to recognize others and pass the fruit revelation on of honoring those who do the same things I do as an Entrepreneur.

I don’t believe in coincidence I don’t believe in accidents I believe everything happens for a season or a reason. Up to this point in my life I have dealt with multiple obstacles but I continue to always keep the faith to trust and believe that God will always see me through to finish what I start.

To receive an award is such a high honor and no one should take it for granted.

In just a few weeks on May 27 on my birthday celebration of life, myself and my business partner Michael A. Embry Sr will be honoring several men and women for their accomplishments who give back to the community as a professional maximizer.

Yes everything comes back to fruition. It is very important to realize to sow where you want to grow. continue to have the faith that what you put out will come back to you in due time.

I believe God knew exactly what was going to take place in 2023 just as he knew what was taken place when I receive the first award in 2016. It was the beginning of a fruit revolution to make impact in various ways with unity despite the amount of money someone carried or the status someone upheld.

To be creative is to use your mind to think believe and achieve. I challenge you to take what you are passionate about and help the next person reach their potential with recognizing them for greatness and their creativity as well as helping yourself if you already haven't. Receiving that award in 2016 was just a stepping stone to my growth. What is it that is in you that has a creative unique style waiting to blossom as a Professional Maximizer?

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