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Interview with Lyrik Broaden, Gospel Rap Artist and Founder of ShePowerment TV


Focus Forward with Robin is on the Go talking to Lashaun Broaden in Atlanta Georgia right after her Champion video of which I was able to be a part of. She is a remarkable woman. Lashann “Mz. Lyrik” Broaden has made a name for herself in the music industry as the Queen of Positive Rap. Coming from an upbringing that would serve as a justified excuse for mediocre living for most people never limited Lashann’s view on what she could achieve. As a child, broaden was exposed to domestic violence and drug abuse, resulting in her being tossed from home to home. At the young age of seven, she was violated in a way that no little girl should ever experience, and the odds stacked solidly against her. Lashann was born in Las Vegas, NV and was raised between Nevada, California, and Alabama. Using music and poetry as an escape from the realities she was facing, her peers began to refer to her as “Mz. Lyrik,” due to her uncanny similarities to the character portrayed by Jada Pinkett in the movie, Jason’s Lyric. She would eventually realize that the life she was leading was headed in the wrong direction, and Mz. Lyrik committed herself to offering back to God what the devil has attempted to corrupt – MUSIC. Broaden now uses her talent to be accountable and transparent in her music ministry. Although music will always be her passion, Lashann has decided to bring others along with her in her rise to success. It is her desire to empower other visionaries and unique artists – as well as entrepreneurs and business owners – by giving them a platform to excel. She founded the Shepowerment Movement to unite, educate, and assist visionary women in creating the reality that God has instilled within them. Broaden is a serial entrepreneur with a heart to build up the confidence and abilities of women and youth. Not only is she the founder of Shepowerment Movement, but she is also a celebrated plus-sized model and the Vice President of Marketing for Primetyme/Dapham Production Studios. Shepowerment Movement is a full production and empowerment company and has produced television shows, created unique marketing plans, and developed effective business branding for many companies nationwide. To learn more about the business, you can visit

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