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Interview with Jason and Tinasha Gray of 106 live

Jason & Tinasha Gray and Robin Shockley


February show is all about love and obstacles we face and how we choose to love with purpose! Monday life at 5 on the Focus Forward with Robin Show Jason & Tinasha Gray will be Zoe is guests on the show sharing their Pit 2 Purpose love story! Tune in to be inspired at the Regina Sunshine Global Network From Brokenness To Wholeness: Rising above betrayal and the lifestyle of infidelity Tinasha & her husband, Jason Gray have written a book together about their experience of rising above betrayal and the lifestyle of infidelity. From Brokenness To Wholeness gives a vivid account of the extensive journey, Jason and Tinasha embarked upon during the restoration of their broken marriage.

It is a powerful testimony of a thriving marriage that flourished, even after enduring twelve years of betrayal and adultery. Here, you will see an authentic description of how Tinasha and Jason, against all odds, they overcame the devastating effects of a betrayal and the lifestyle of infidelity.

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