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In the room on set behind the scenes filming with Flaming Elephant Films

It was a great day in Seneca South Carolina last weekend. When I say Tonya is on point she is on point. I woke up at 6 AM to be ready by 7 o’clock. Upon arrival Tonya and her family show up at 7:01 on time we immediately began setting up and at 8 o’clock we began filming. Uncle Dean and aunt Diane opened up their home on the lake for my friends, Tonya and Demetris to film a tv series episode from “Perceived”

For the most part, everything was on point from set up to organization of film time to everyone knowing when their lines were to be filmed to the laughter and the humor to getting to know new people to interactions with the homeowners and myself. This crew is amazing!  when I tell you get yourself in the room and let the room work for you. That is not a statement I speak lightly. It truly works.

Sometime earlier this year, Tonya made a connection with me at some point reaching out. She was very persistent, and we finally met in person at a friends birthday party. And then she, her husband and her business partner came to my professional, maximizer awards Unity networking night as a vendor to highlight their company Flaming Elephant films. We did a drawing and Tonya won the free 1 hr interview with Focus Forward with Robin at my radio station in Atlanta where she and Demetris told the story of their business history (see video here:

Later, I wrote a movie review article on my website about the movie that they had at the Camelot theater is called Heel’d.

Because I’ll post my journey and the things that I do Tonya knew at some point that I had a relative who lived on the lake and I go there often to housesit and meditate to write. She contacted me and I set up an appointment with my family and immediately there was a connection between her and my family. And the rest is history.

It’s very important not to discredit the connections that you make. You may not need the person in that moment, but down the road and opportunity could arise. Favor is fair. Many people don’t agree to that statement, but I live by daily. My life has been favored every day of my life with good things that are great but most importantly, I’m favored because I woke up and I can tell God thank you for another day to live out my purpose to help others.

Tonya Love Chris & Demetris Jones-Bezos are making big waves in the community of Greenville, South Carolina in the film industry. Why? Because they get it. They understand about structure they understand about respect, and they understand about making a difference. This next short episode film that we just shot on the lake of Seneca South Carolina is during Christmas holiday time and will give you laughter, thoughts to ponder, and even give you a teary eye which my aunt Diane watched one of the scenes and got emotional.

Thank you to my family for allowing this connection for my friends to come into your home and thank you for welcoming them with so much hospitality. Uncle dean was play basketball with crew members and aunt Diane was giving snacks out. I’ve always said every time I come there I gain peace.

And thank you, Tonya, Chris and Demetris for the connections as an Actress and the friendship to be myself in a room as ”focus forward with robin” and catch your highlighted moments.

May God bless you and all that you do and that you prosper! ❤️ (here's a video of the day)

@followers to know more about this company check out their website

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