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I’m done… SWIFT Mag Article

Article for the S.W.I.F.T. Magazine

PSA from The Single Women In Focus Today:

(Article “I’m done” on personal relationship goals.)

I’m done. Don’t text me to meet up. Don’t call to catch up. Don’t tell me you dreamed about me. Don’t use church as a way to meet. Don’t use business as a Way to get to know me. Don’t chase me just to get a yes then go ghost on me. It doesn’t phase me. I’m done.

I wasn’t looking, and you found me. But just so all you guys out here know… I tried the patience and waiting and dating to choose. I did chose one. But now I choose no one! Out of many I really chose one. And he missed it! He missed the greatest blessing of what his life could be like with me in it. But I don’t want him or anyone now and totally content with my decision. It’s a peaceful decision to be content single. I’m done.

Obviously, right now in my life Dating isn’t for me, Relationship isn’t for me, Marriage isn’t for me. Well TODAY it’s not! The man for me I realize will probably not even be on social media so STOP trying to get a response of what you want. I’m done. I know what I deserve. Im not looking nor care for it anymore. Im done. This is something needed to be said publicly so that everyone understands the message.

Now I’m simply done.. all the Romance ideas, all the FaceTime talk ideas and business growing together ideas is gone. I received more attention from a man when I was just dating just to be dating…. Once you decide to commit to one person, it gets comfortable and I’m not built to be comfortable. So please guys I know and guys I don’t know, unless you are truly ready for all of this woman the flaws with the good, and ready to provide the whole package to receive the whole package… love me correctly and no in between & the “you can’t get what you want just because you ask” crap is not acceptable. SMH… 🤦🏻‍♀️ Stop going in my DM messaging me. I’m simply done.


The single woman in FOCUS Today

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