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Humble beginnings produce victorious endings

When someone doesn’t know your story fully and they assume what they see on social media is the real person of who you are, don’t get discouraged. They don’t know the cost of your oil and what you had to go through behind the scenes to become the man or woman you are today. Many years ago God gave me a word “ humble beginnings produces victorious endings”. And every time I coach someone or interview someone, I always suggest to stay humble as I have to remind myself this every day.

This month I was acknowledged for receiving an amazing award for being who I am where I myself and one other person are the only people who have received this award in the world. It is the EPA “BE YOU” award with the beautiful Gold distinguished person medal. I was told when I receive this award to never let anyone break me. It wasn’t the award that made me feel proud, it was the message! Because over several years I finally found me and chose to be me and not be intimidated by opinions or change my feelings based on what the perception was of me.

And then in the very same month after receiving this award I have been judged for talking too much and at the same time judged wrongly for not giving enough recognition to people, or for charging for my hard work services that I put into promoting and showcasing individuals and events.

I don’t have to publicly say that I am a humble person my life and the way that I live it helping others and given free shout outs often proves who I am.

But I will say through this experience, I’ve learned that it’s very important to be careful when you start critically judging someone based off your own perception of how you view what they’re saying or how they’re living verses the actual facts.

I am a huge public person that has no pride in keeping silent. If I am hurting I will let people know and if I am joyful I will let people know. I am a storyteller and that is what keeps me humble because it gives me the remembrance of where I’ve been and what I’ve come through to help empower the next person to be great.

I say all that to say this, as you grow higher in your personal walk and business journey, you are going to have some highs and you’re gonna have some lows and they are going to be people that are not going understand your journey in the way that you operate.

Stay humble but keep your head high because you’re victorious Endings is on the brink of arrival and those that are truly for you, will move past the reputation of what others have said and cling to the character and integrity of who you truly are. Focus Forward with Robin

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