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Guns and Grams re-premieres in Hollywood with miniseries auditioning event.

Friday January the 13th 2023 is Larry Derr‘s birthday and he’s going to be hosting a star studded event in Hollywood California to celebrate by showing the Hollywood award winning movie at the AMC Theaters at Universal Studios. The event will start At 6:40 PM – 9:40 PM PST

And the address is 100 Universal City Plaza 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608

He also will be allowing those who pre-auctioned by to attend.

At the event there will be a variety of celebrities, Actresses, Actors, and Movie/Television Producers in the room.

The open call list is full to Audition. However, you may purchase tickets here to attend to get in the room yourself to attend this event.

Mr. Derr has stated that it’s possible some people will be selected to audition as well as be able to be in the mist of publicity.

This is going to be a celebration moment for the Guns and Grams TV Miniseries as well because it’s a spin off of the original movie of Guns and Grams Movie. He wrote this TRUE to Life story of guns, drugs and gang life that took place in his home town of Baltimore Maryland. It is a mixture of his very own personal life as well as the life of the Sicilian mafia. "GUNS AND GRAMS" is based on actual events of an old standing alliance between the Sicilian and African American Gangsters; Forged with dirty money and backroom deals to outline the rules of the heroin trade in Baltimore. It's pushed to the breaking point by a new generation driven by crime and greed.

Don’t miss your chance to see Guns and Grams in AMC theaters for the final show, including an opportunity to audition for the miniseries.

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