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Good food but lesson learned about kindness at Mellow Mushroom

As a professional food blogger with #tastefultipsandtrips on behalf of Focus Forward with Robin I notice not only the taste of food, but I also look around at my atmosphere and the attitude. This will determine how I give my review not just by the taste but by the people who provide the taste.

Last night I went to a networking event. It was crowded at this event. It was very loud, very busy but it was expected and I had an amazing time networking with people. I enjoyed it so much I was one of the last ones to pay my bill.

My server was wonderful she was nice and she was having to keep up with all of us that was at the table. Everyone was ready to go and she wasn’t anywhere around so I went to the bar at Mellow Mushroom downtown and asked the bartender in the green shirt for a small box. He looked at me straight in the face and he said do you have a server? I said yes but I don’t know where she is. And he directly told me I would have to get my box from her because he would not be getting a tip from me it would be her that would be getting the tip.

I looked him straight back in the eye and I said so you’re telling me you are refusing to get me a box because you’re not gonna get a tip? And he say yes that’s right. I said OK and I walked off. I didn’t make a scene or say who I was to him because I had to literally let it soak in me the reality of his response.

Finally the server came back over to get my bill so I can pay and tip her. I told the server this information and she was extremely nice and she got me a box. She did apologize and said she was sorry and asked did I need anything else.

I had the vegetable pizza and it was very delicious. It was a hand tossed small size pizza with big mushrooms tomatoes green peppers slices and cheese. I know that Mellow Mushroom is a chain restaurant and my review may not count for something but as people know me know sometimes my reviews go deeper than just about the subject.

The atmosphere was great because I was socializing with new business associates. But that bartender put a really bad taste of an impression. So I decided to do a blog about this.

When you are working in the industry of food or customer service, if you’re not going to receive a tip, the common courtesy thing to do is still show kindness in the world.

I was in total shock and disbelief that somebody would actually refuse to get me a box.

At first I laughed because I thought he was kidding but obviously by the results he wasn’t kidding. By the way there was only two people sitting at the bar so it wasn’t like he was busy with making drinks either.

If I made my decisions in life based off what people were going to do for me I might as will not even be living on this earth. It’s a sad day when people only give out when they think that they’re going to receive. God help this world!! I’m Focus forward with Robin and You never know where I will be, but if I do go back or if I don’t I’ll never forget this experience.

About the experience:

Tasteful Tips & Trips with Robin” is not just an ordinary food blog! It’s about fun, adventure, and a lot of tasty foods as I travel to places along this journey road called life. I am all about traveling and experimenting food flavors and the mixtures of them. So what better way to spread the word to others about places that I visit and help promote businesses!

If you would like for me to visit your venue or restaurant or get a special interview with Focus Forward with Robin please email me at the name of your restaurant and location.

You may just see me show up unexpectedly one day with my big smile and readily appetite!

Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin” she is a Writer of magazines, Radio/TV Talk Show Host with 106 Live Radio in Atlanta, Actress, Community Servant-Leader, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Author of books. She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. Contact Robin for future bookings to host your event or be a Speaker to help empower your audience.

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