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Larry Derr is the movie’s producer, director, screenwriter & actor. The film’s limited release has been picked up by AMC Theaters and has sold out multiple viewings in Baltimore and Atlanta and is expanding to other cities. Due to its ongoing success Derr’s Guns And Grams was awarded the movie wall of fame for 2020 in Baltimore for selling out the most shows along with Black Panther, Acrimony, and Avengers at the AMC Theaters.

Derr has been reeled in for some BIG projects on the rise! He recently was presented the best film director at the HAPA Awards in Hollywood a few months ago. He will be presented another award at the movie premier on January 25th at City Walk Universal Studios.

He wrote this TRUE to Life story of guns, drugs and gang life that took place in his home town of Baltimore Maryland. It is a mixture of his very own personal life as well as the life of the Sicilian mafia. "GUNS AND GRAMS" is based on actual events of an old standing alliance between the Sicilian and African American Gangsters; Forged with dirty money and backroom deals to outline the rules of the heroin trade in Baltimore. It's pushed to the breaking point by a new generation driven by crime and greed.

There are over 14 notable celebrities in this film including Tray Chaney (The Wire), J.D. Williams (Pootie Tang, OZ), Hassan Johnson (Brooklyn’s Finest), Felicia Pearson (The Wire) and so many more!

Watch trailer here of Guns and Grams Movie


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