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Focus FridayThe meaning of your name

"I’m just trying to live up to the name my momma gave me and the ideas that God wants me to bring forth. That’s all. ” Robin Shockley

I didn’t seek it, but it was in in his plan from the beginning. I understand the assignment now. Everything had to happen to align me for what continues to come. People don’t know this about me, but I always felt I was second best In my personal life since I was a child and there’s a story why. It definitely isn’t what people would assume the reason for. Maybe I will tell it in a book one day. Who knows.

But your name has meaning in the spiritual world and once it’s put out there nobody can stop it’s force of action except you! I look at my life and realize I felt like a misfit most of my life until I got to know Jesus on a relationship level. You know the kind of relationship where believing that he’s real and he does favor you and that he does understand your pains and see purpose for your life and desires to help you walk through the process of life. I’m so grateful I get it now. This is the only way I am able to be free to talk about my life transformations and stories because I know my purpose is to help somebody else heal too. Today is focus Friday and the focus is to recognize the meaning of your name and make purpose with it! Why do we have with Robin on Focus Forward with Robin brand? Because with Robin everyone shines regardless because of who shines within me! Love to go! Let’s embrace today with living life on purpose! #focusfriday #focusforwardwithrobin #robinshockley #motivation #whatsinaname #purpose #assignmentunderstood

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