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Focus Friday Motivation

A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise! Sometimes it’s very difficult to know when it’s time to walk away from a relationship whether it’s personal whether it’s business or whether it’s spiritual. If we are not careful there are people out here that will linger on in our lives day after day giving us false hope that one day things will be exactly as promised. But if we’re not careful allowing these type of people in our lives keeps us from growing forward into the purpose and the plan that is meant for us and our success.

Success is not always in the business realm, success is a way to complete something that has become a task in the beginning but fruition has grown from it. If you are in a relationship today whether it be personal, business or spiritual make sure your connection is valid. Make sure you were in agreement with the decisions that are being made. It is OK to ask questions to get your answer even if it may hurt or even if it may cause you to back away or go in a different direction. In the long run it will be better beneficial for your life.

Today I challenge you to walk away from the fake promises and learn to accept the rejection and its clarity when it’s presented. Look at the people that are in your life and look at the situation‘s to see if you are growing forward with possibilities of success or are you going in circles getting nowhere.

This is your “focus Friday” message for today! May you be encouraged today as you choose to think believe and achieve a thing!

Focus Forward with Robin

Robin Shockley

* follow my website for more inspirational messages and ways to make a positive connection for business opportunities.

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