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Focus Friday know your worth

With only 3 hours sleep I Woke up thinking this thought: you deserve to be someones priority not a second casual convenience.

And just like that the game changed.

I don’t know why this thought came in my mind. This may have to do with personal relationships it may have to with business. It may not even be about me but for someone else to read.

I had a dream two nights ago that was ridiculous! I was having a show and it was falling apart. I had several people on at one time during the hour. And though wrong things were happening and distractions were happening, I kept it together and completed the show and finally woke up. It was like it dragged on and on and people were interrupting it. And nobody was stopping the destraction, and person who was in control was actually ME.

Sometimes, we delay a final cut because we think we have to see it to the end. But when there is evidence your value is questioned because you’re not treated with importance but only convenience, little by little you get pushed to the side and people will take you as you allow. At that time, wake up and realize to be okay with what you want and know what you deserve! Nomatter if it’s personal or business.

There’s a quote that says she woke up one day and realized she didn’t want to feel the way that she felt, and so she changed.

Who are you that needs to say enough is enough with the cycle you’re on and begin the change within? I know I have an area in my life I’m going to evaluate more thanks to this thought..

Happy Focus Friday Day folks… be true to your before anyone else and watch what happens! Wishing all my social media folks a wonderful Weekend!

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Robin Shockley

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