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Focus Friday for the Business minded person

Here’s a little nugget for you young entrepreneurs out here starting in the industry of music & media :

Even if I don’t like a person and what they represent, the professional in me is still going to make them look good if I’m connected to who they are working with. Some people in this industry are so petty and they refuse to share information or they refuse to promote all because of somebody is connected to. I don’t work that way.

I may not like you I and I may know things about you that others don’t know, but I am not going to bash you or make you look unprofessional. Because if I did that that would make me look unprofessional, and therefore that puts my reputation on the line.

And this is when it should become business and not personal.


am not a community success as the professional maximizer and presidential award recipient for nothing. Don’t forget that everything connected to me is going to win because who I’m connected to not just the people but the source which is my God and he gets the credit for everything.

So if you’re new to the media music industry, or any level of business, just know that if you want to be respected with value and contribution to your craft, you first have to have a humble personality that is what will carry you far in this business .

So my advice coming from a person of 30 plus years with experience in entrepreneurship and five plus years and media & music, work on building others while you build yourself and watch what happens. Get yourself connected in rooms and let those rooms work for you sow and invest where you want to grow in your career and I promise you, you will reap benefits unexplained by the natural eye. I am a testimony.

Robin Shockley- Social Media Influencer

Focus Forward with Robin

S.W.I.F.T. Magazine

Girls Gifted 4 God

1st Annual Unity Networking & Awards Night Professional Maximizer Awards

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