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Focus Forward with Robin Review of A Cry Nobody Heard Stage Play

Great job Kerrick Montonio and Johnny Sizemore with Showtime Productions!! I enjoyed a girls night out with sister Utrena Johnson to attend A Cry Nobody Heard - The Stage Play Live in Spartanburg SC on November 11 2023.

Focus Forward with Robin enjoyed the play format, as always With the creative and witty style of the production team, Kerrick Montonio and Johnny Sizemore . It was very humorous with a Oneshia Edens Lovely Big O bringing her unique style of comedy to this stage play. Each Actor performed in excellence fitting the role and of course Joy Valentine is my alltime Showtime Productions Actress. She brings a bougie style character that gives the audience suspense of what to expect from her next. It was great to see. Young music artist, Jada A. Redmond excelled in her craft there at the end that gave me chills with her actions & words that truly expressed the cry that nobody heard.

Very proud of these rising and upcoming film directors in the making! Overall, You guys showed the state of South Carolina how it’s done in production and you served the people well tonight.

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Robin Shockley is a social media network blogger and interviewer who travels the country showcasing small businesses for social media branding through her expertise of Public Relations with writing and video WHY story interviews partnered with 106 Live Radio out of Atlanta and Mr Big South Music Management Studio to feature Tasteful Tips and Trips Food Podcast in Charlotte. 


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