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Focus Forward

It’s focus Friday!!!! And lets reflect back…. I remember when it was raining in 2018 and I was crying trying to come up with a $200 deposit to turn power on & move into a place on my own. I was thinking my life was over. But it was actually just beginning!! At age 46 I started my life over and began writing for magazines and hosting Red Carpets that led to my own talk show and become an interviewer that lead to at age 47 to become a food blogger, domestic violence advocate speaker, servant leader life coach and to have my first acting role at age 48.

At age 49 I wrote my first published book, became an international Speaker and Humanitarian, and became a paid Public Relations Agent, traveling the country showcasing businesses. and now that I am 51, I am launching my own magazine S.W.I.F.T. Magazine for single women soon to be released.

I realize there’s so much more is left in me to do on this earth.

So I am evidence it’s never too late!!! Start today with thinking the possibilities with creativity and get yourself connected to people. Sow and invest in others! Get in rooms and make things happen. Break out of the box. You got this!!!! I believe in you!!! Focus Forward with Robin

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