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Final 30 second monologue Casting call held in Baltimore for Guns and Grams TV series

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Hollywood Award winning Director Larry Derr Releases  final casting call for new TV Series that spins off the Hollywood hit movie Guns and Grams.

Tuesday from 4pm-10pm on August 1st 2023, Derr will host a final audition for all ages 12 years and up at the Renaissance Baltimore HarborPlace Hotel located at 202 East Pratt Street, Baltimore MD 21202. 

Actors are required to check in at the lobby with instructions to be given. Each person interested in taking part of this new series, is required to perform a 30 second monologue.  In addition, a headshot and resume is REQUIRED TO AUDITION.

Details are requested to be emailed prior to audition, to help the audition process stay on task. Walk-ins are accepted, however, headshot and resume must be onsite to audition. No exceptions. 

*Media is allowed. Please contact PR Robin Shockley ( ) prior to audition if interested in background photos & videography of this special day.

7:00 Pm Tuesday August 1st Original cast members in the area, from the Guns and Grams movie Larry Derr will hold an Important meeting that night.

Who is Mr. Larry Derr?

Mr. Larry Derr is the Writer and Director of the movie Guns and Grams that was a dream that started over 20 years ago. Finally, after including over 14 celebrities such as Joseph Donofrino, Felicia Pearson, Omar Gooding, Tray Chaney, Michael J. Patterson, Tiffany Chambers, Clifton Powell and so many more, he was able to Produce the movie under GNG Productions across the country in AMC Theaters selling out in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York Times Square, Universal CityWalk in  Hollywood and his home town in Baltimore, Maryland twice. 

He wrote this TRUE to Life story of guns, drugs and gang life that took place in Baltimore Maryland. This movie is based on actual events of an old standing alliance between the Sicilian and African American Gangsters; Forged with dirty money and backroom deals to outline the rules of the heroin trade in Baltimore. It's pushed to the breaking point by a new generation driven by crime and greed. 

 Baltimore is also the location where he first started his acting career on The TV show, The Wire.

Therefore, Movie Producer, Director, Screenwriter & Actor Lary Derr who HOLLYWOOD has reeled him in for some BIG projects on the rise, will be releasing it to the world through now a TV series. Auditions have already taken place in New York. Derr has made partnership with Brilliant Talent Management and now has a new Production company to Produce the  TV series under Black Egypt Entertainment. 

Recent promotion and casting call in New York City at the Quad Studios

 Contact Public Relations, Robin Shockley at to book an online interview with Mr. Larry Derr. His story is powerful and will attract media viewers for your business platform.


The trailer of Guns and Grams, the movie, can be watched on YouTube to give viewers an idea of the details of the true story of New York Sicillian mafia and Black Mafia of Baltimore.



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