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Everything is not always as it seems

“Sometimes things are not as they always seem” I just watched a movie that seemed to be a chic flic. But it was so much more. It was about three stories . One of which a young woman travels to Ireland as an exchange student who meets an Actor who is dictated by his father how to live by his fathers choices.

Then in the midst of this journey the young woman meets an old lady in a nursing home who was misrepresented for “decades” because she was protecting her younger sister who she loved dearly from harm of the man she loved. It looked as if the old lady betrayed the family and sister when she married the abusive man to protect her sister when the family had prearranged the marriage and the older sister stepped in because she knew this man was abusive. the whole town turned by gossip and didn’t know the real truth but only for what it seemed.

The old lady was on her death bed and the young woman made it her mission to to tell the truth and let her sister know what really happened. The sister came within minutes before the old lady died and gave her forgiveness.

The Actor stopped doing what others wanted. And followed his own dreams to go to college. The young exchange student was trying to find her own identity through the music violin instrument And discovered she could excel in another instrument the fiddle and won an audition.

And everyone was inspired by the one young exchanged student who made impact. I havent watch a movie in a long time where I feel depth to it.

My take away: I don’t want to be on my death bed decades later and still be suffering from the loss of someone I loved because I chose to break a generational curse. A lot of people think they know my own story in full such as I’m a woman who betrayed her family to follow fame But they don’t know I didn’t pursue fame, it found me! I didn’t pursue it but God brought people in my life to comfort me with helping me discover who I was hiding all along. I didn’t know I could be and do all I’ve done until it was spoken over me.

However, I know I’ve made a lot of choices and some not good and I will be free to share my mistakes with anyone who asks because if my pain of past can help heal another soul, I will share it. I have nothing to hide of my past life over the years. Those are my past situations. But I’m still being judged by them today as if I’m like the Actor being told to live life a certain way and that’s not the way.

It’s been several years and I finally realize to accept what is but it doesn’t change the fact that my heart is broken over the loss of what was and who with. Yes, I’m living my best life. Yes I hurt people and have been hurt in the process too.

But We can’t go back, we can only focus forward. Some things I will die with that I’ve never shared with people and some things I’ll die with that the world knows.

This movie showed me a new reality that life isn’t always what it seems. If you dont communicate with the person you’re at odds with or the person trying to dictate how you should live, you will die with regrets or they will die not knowing how you really felt or was hurt. Learn to communicate and if you dont make amends or agree, then by all means choose to still be at peace with one another. Nobody in this world should never die thinking they were not loved, or valued for their truth.

**photo taken in Holllywood California

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