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Book Writing Referrals

There are too many people in this world that need what you have to offer and you should never be in a place that you don’t introduce who you are! Somebody out here needs what you have to say and needs you to share with the world so do it one day at a time!

So many people ask me “Robin, how did you write a book I wanna write a book and tell my story”

well let me tell you the person that helped me get to where I am in my book writing and that was Brandy Hunt!  I am always shouting her name out to people I meet in public because I would not be a book author today if I had not taken her class. It helped structure me how to publish my own book and how to plan out my ideas that were in my head.

So if you want to be an author and you want to write a book I know a lot of people that are publishers and they have publishing companies and they do great jobs at it.

I have collaborated with in past with the amazing film director Chuck Brown with his book in the morning, as well as the amazing Martial Artist Jessie Bowen with his publishing of the Sports Karate Museum History Book Memoir for my father Professor Gary Lee.

These are people I can personally represent because I’ve worked with them. Be sure to make a connection with people who are going to help you grow in your craft of writing.

 Focus Forward with Robin

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