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Bella Levy invites a live audience to her interview on the Coyoteman Network

Excited to announce that coming up, Bella Levy will be LIVE in the studio of the Coyoteman Da'Key Keymotep studio being interviewed by David Robinson on The David Robinson Show, talking about her purpose in the community to bring awareness to human trafficing. This will take place just days before the huge event of the "Blue Ribbon" Gala" Where there will be star-studded celebrities, entertainment and special interviews by. focus forward with Robin on the Blue carpet.

Bella will be sharing about the upcoming BLF of. The "Royal Blue" Gala event January 28th, 2023 and all the details involved. The official detail press release can be found at

Participants are invited to attend the broadcast live. Please arrive early at Security Square Mall On Tuesday Jan 24th before 6:30pm at. 6901 Security Blvd. Balt MD 21244. Limited seats to around 20 guests.

During the recording of this studio you will be able to ask questions about this blue ribbon project of human traffic awareness and the event of the "Blue Ribbon" Gala.

Advanced tickets can be purchased on the website

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