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What has happened to you isn’t about what’s been done, its about what are you going to do about it now? Get free not only physically, but mentally as well! The month of October has men and women, speaking out about their story and how they have overcome the obstacles that once kept them bound. So many were once silent but now has chosen to break the silence and speak aloud.  It’s hurtful to the families sometimes as they make it about themselves, but they don’t realize it goes deeper than their feelings, because the person who was betrayed with the abuse is the one who lived it.

And alot of times the abused kept it secret because of the shame they knew it would bring. And Evidence proves when people speak out.  Some families turn their backs and even make threats. It takes a strong woman or man to never bow down to what the people want but to be obedient to follow what God has given them a peace to do. When a man or woman or teen or child, speaks out about abuse, it takes courage.  It’s sad that families and others will judge them for sharing parts of their healing process.  But we witness this everyday.  People telling the abused person they shouldn’t talk about what happened it they were healed. From it already.  But not realizing it’s more than just about getting healed and talking about what has happened.

Why do people tell their story? What good can come from being vocal at the cost of loosing relationships?

From conversations and from my own experience, I have discovered that when you have been silent for so long covering up the pain which eventually comes out as residue, it frees you to talk about it and you get healing.  Once the healing takes place, you want others to be healed too. So you are not intimidated to be public anymore.

It takes an extra type of human courage to let the stories come out of a persons mouth the shame they once felt from being abused.

When a person questions the abused for telling their story, it blocks the purpose in which it was formed to break cycles.

The abused can feel trapped again and these cycles of allowing this domestic type of bad behavior will continue because future generations will witness and think it’s normal.  Even when it’s just verbal abuse of screaming and harmful words spoken.  The children grow up believing this is the common way in a home. Then those in the home allow the toxic behaviors to leak out on them by either becoming toxic themselves or allowing it to repeat in their own lives.

Be sure when you are on the defense when someone from your family, friendship, business or even ministry is telling their story to not block the purpose of the why story.  It is encouraged to put yourself in their shoes to realize it’s not a bashing moment to expose the abused in a negative way, but to bring awareness that these cycles need to be changed in the direction of healing restoration and redemption.

So when you hear about someone telling their story of domestic violence in whatever form, take caution to think before you judge, speak or assume their why for breaking their silence.

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Robin Shockley is a native of Greenville SC but travels all over the country promoting small businesses and impacting lives mostly in the music & movie industry. She brings her  advocacy skills of caring for others whether it be youth or adults across the globe helping impact positivity as being a Domestic Violence Advocate,   Actress, Author, radio/TV Talk Show host with “Focus Forward with Robin”, Media Publicist and contributing Writer for various magazines such as her own S.W.I.F.T. Magazine that is being produced this winter of 2022. Robin is a servant leader coach and Motivational Speaker that helps others to believe in the power of positivity no matter what your experiences are if you Choose to think believe and achieve a thing through serving community. She is the Radio field correspondent for 106 live radio out of Atlanta Georgia where her radio AND TV show is aired.

You can book Robin Shockley for services by contacting her through her website or email

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