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A Trip around the world at White Duck Taco

Enjoyed lunch recently with a good friend at White Duck Taco Shop located in Greenville SC. It’s inside an old mill that’s been restored and a great place for families to hang out. Other shops are there too. But we were craving tacos, and this was my first time. I loved the variety of choices this place offers with tacos! Definitely not your average taco restaurant. The flavors were amazing from a little taste of Greece, Thailand and Korea! The chips and salsa is pretty good too with three different choices of salsa.

The location is hidden in the back roads close to downtown but the address of where it is located is at the Hampton Station at 1320 Hampton Avenue in Greenville SC. The name White Duck Taco Shop originates from a nickname the Chef earned when she frequently got excited and talked too much to the kitchen staff. They called her "La Pata Blanca" which means White Duck. I love trying different places and definitely will make a return visit.

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