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A time for a seat at the table Women of Honor 2023

Recently I was crowed as 2023 Woman of Honor in Georgia as an out of state honoree. It was the 6th year the founder Tribel Nickerson has orchestrated. I had no idea that I would be recognized with the highest respect and honor at this event hosted by Tee Nick & Tina Bridges. I am still overwhelmed.

When I arrived I thought I might be able to sit at the round table with everyone in the room. But noooo, they told me I was to go sit at the table with all the queens of honor at the head table. I tried to compose myself so much without crying because this was a very special moment for me. For someone to honor you and show you the highest respect to serve you means a lot. We should never take for granted when someone chooses to honor us. One of my Focus Forward with Robin motivational quotes is “ everyone deserves respect because we are human, but those who get honored must earn it”

A few years ago I was asked to come and film media behind the scenes at one of their other women of Honor events videoing interviews for the guests that we’re being honored. I felt it was such a blessing just to be in the presence of the room with so many powerful women who have made an impact in their community and their world. So when Tina Bridges contacted & wanted to acknowledge me, it brought tears to my eyes.

See, I had just went through a lot of personal & business setbacks from beginning to this year that I didn’t share publicly and have been working to get back to the Robin Shockley everyone knows as “Bubbles & Ms Southern Bell”.

On the way to Jonesboro Georgia, I prayed and told God, if I’m to speak have me say what you want with whoever I speak to. When it came my time to be crowned, they gave me the microphone. I was very simple and didn’t even share anything I’m doing other than I’m a radio host with 106 Live Radio with Jason & Tinasha Gray and that my focus forward with robin brand is all about helping serve businesses and promoting others to think believe and achieve.

The room was beautiful and decorated with such class. The food was great too. The TLA modeling agency women served us and I repeatedly told them thank you for serving. I’m usually the one behind the scenes serving and I was very graceful to be honored in this way.

We often hear the saying dont judge and talk about another woman but help fix her crown if needed. Well literally that happened. The two women beside me were helping adjust my crown at the table. I made some wonderful connections that day. I even wrote a tasteful tips and trips food review with one of the vendors in the room. (See the article here on my website )

A woman named Precious who also was Honored sung the song “Unstoppable” and once again I cried! Each woman at that table has a story why they were chosen. Mine is about catching the vision to focus forward with a new bold & brave life and part of that is being a media personality, which is the title of my devotional book.

But it doesn’t end here. After all the pictures were taken and meeting up with some former friends to chat, I thought, I know this is a moment to celebrate me but I cannot leave without giving my business card to some of the vendors.

So I reached down to get my cards out of my purse and behind me stood a woman greeting me. I turned around and immediately had chill bumps. She proceeded to tell me she was a vendor and she had no idea why she was even there but she felt like she needed to come speak to me. I looked her straight in the eyes and told her now I know why I had chill bumps. I explained to her about the story of me getting in the room a few years ago and I didn’t know anyone either and that I did exactly what she just did to me. I told her we definitely need to make a connection. She hugged me and told me that I was her inspiration. So again here comes the tears!

I say all this to say I came very close to not being able to make it on this trip. The night before my car battery died while traveling out of town for one of my clients. Then during the morning I had to have people pray for me because I could barely walk due to a spasm in my leg.

Needless to say I made it safely to my destination to receive my crown and my trophy with my gift bag of goodies as well as I was able to wear my heels and my legs didn’t hurt one bit.

God is good! I’m humbly grateful to be recognized but more so importantly it was the right time and season for this moment with everything that has been going on in my life.

This women of Honor Awards day will never be forgotten and will go down in history as a milestone story to share with my legacy one day of how getting in the room serving got me a seat at the head table. Always choose to stay humble and appreciate the value of someone's time and effort. A few years ago getting in that room Gave me an idea to start something. And when I was back in the room again I was reminded why have I been sitting on this idea? Stay tune for something beautiful to evolve with my businesss to Benefit others from my take aways with the women of Honor awards event. You never know where I may be. I just happen to land myself a seat at the table that was prepared for me.

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