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A Single woman in focus today

I don’t care how much money you have or what lavish things you can do for me. Although my love language is gifts, If I don’t have your attention & consistency in contact to go with it, like some form of communication, It’s a no go for me. I’m sorry. Everyone of us have choices. I know I am not first choice to many whether it be people places or things but that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to accept it. And I can’t do that.

As I grow older, time is what really is valued in my life. Maybe my love language is changing from gifts & service to gifts & time. I’m reminded of my parents & grandparents. They traveled & went everywhere together. They each had their own life but Very seldom they would be alone without the other. As I get older, I don’t like being alone all the time..

Once you hit fifty, your whole perspective changes and things you were okay with before hits different when you do it alone.

Almost five years now being on the journey of singleness, Ive learned a lot. I have made some major boo boos but I’ve grown from it and I’ve owned up to it. I’m very selective with who I can give my energy and time to. So if I don’t respond to your DM’s or your texts like I used to, then Know, I’m shifting. It’s not personal, it’s purpose. And this year on my birthday, I woke up differently. If you’re attached to me you are for sure going to win because of who I am attached to which is based off my relationship with God. And We can maintain business or friendship and I will help you excel. But if I’m attached to you there’s no guarantee I will win, and I’m just not there anymore to settle for that. this post may get a lot of slack, but this is mainly for myself and those I have met along the journey of singleness. I embrace it and I own it, but it doesn’t define me because I know I won’t always be here.

If you are single today and I’m not talking about just relationships I’m talking about single without friends, single without business, single without church, single! single! then note this and learn how to embrace it and except it but note also it does not define you because being single also mean set apart and when you’re set apart you can do great things others can’t do. It’s all in the perspective.

Photo by yours truly, it was a selfie day….

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