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A Queens Story Reality TV Series

All I can say is God is on the move I’ve been waiting to share this BIG news for the last couple of days but now I can. You know how I always say “everything attached to me wins, is because of who I am attached to”?

Well this is not just the phrase that I speak. I give God all the glory because this has been all part of his plan from day one. Every year God gives me a word for the following year. And 2022 year‘s word was “new reality”. Over the last few years since 2018 I have taken a journey with Focus Forward with Robin and being transparent with my life of the ins and the outs of the good and the bad.

Well the news is the “new reality” is about to go into process and the word that God gave me for next year of 2023 is “ New process”.

He gave me this word back in September that my life as I’ve know it with new reality. would be a transition into a new process. So many things for the last five years have been leading up to what’s going to take place in 2023.

Thanks to T Rose media I have been asked to join a platform with 20 plus other women from around the United States to be part of a Queen’s Reality

TV series. It will be about motivation real life issues and how We choose to handle. This is so fitting for me because I am already have learned to become transparent and now it’s going to even be more so.

It’s strange because over the last two years when I was in a stage play in Atlanta Georgia playing an old lady with Keesha Rivers I was traveling up and down the highway for rehearsals and I talked to God about my life being a reality show and even a documentary has been propositioned to me several times by different playwright and film makers.

So many things have taken place since those two years of my conversations with God. I’m telling you the highway has become my office my prayer closet and my praise concert all in one!

Congratulations to all the women who have been accepted for this position to share your real life of a Queen publicly on camera .

So with that said if you are in my life next year you may just be a part of my coming and going and be featured on television too! Because I am a brand promoter and public relations spokesperson and community connector a lot of you who are in business, are going to get the exposure you have been believing for! because y’all know my life is about that business building! We will all win together!!!

Thank you so much Tangie Roseboro with TRose Media Productions for this awesome opportunity. I do not take it lightly and I know this has been apart of Gods plan.

I’ve always said from day one I didn’t ask for anything that I’m doing but God continues to bless me more and more. Y’all get ready! I’m coming out as Diana Ross says, and I want the world to know this Boss Queen is going to shine her life of light, bright like a diamond! #RobinShockley #FocusForwardWithRobin #AQueensStoryrealityTVseries #TRoseMedia

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