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2nd Annual Unity Networking Night and Awards to showcase businesses in the community at the Hilton Greenville

Updated: Jul 9

The Community Connectors are back at it again this year. Our 2nd annual awards & recognition Unity Networking Night event is set for Saturday August 31st, 2024, in Greenville SC. There is low fee of $85 this year to attend to receive the benefits of getting in the network room for international entertainment and ability to shop and enjoy a great meal.

To register as a guest sign up here:

Register now as Vendor !

Get in the room and let the room work for you! It’s time for our annual event August 31st 2024 where will be honoring men and women from around the country who are using their business to serve the community of America and beyond!

SAVE THE DATE We are looking for Vendors to get exposed with products, entertainment as opportunity to showcase talent, and award recipients who qualify as a Professional Maximizer. If you know me at all, this a great way to be represented through social media as I love to help brand people and there will be perks! (Always perks with Focus Forward with Robin) My Partner Michael A. Embry Sr. and I had such a great time last year highlighting people from around the country with Awards, Entertainment and Business networking. Everyone must register to attend, no matter who you are. We are limited to the number of people in the room, so therefore we have to have a headcount. We will not be taken at the door.

For your pleasure, we will have a cash bar on hand to service you at your cost. Also, for those who are paying guests we are having a three-course meal provided by the Hilton Greenville which includes:

FIRST COURSE: spring salad | mixed greens, strawberries, mango, pineapple, nigetin oranges with ranch or balsamic dressing with  tea and water


herb-crusted free-range breast of chicken

Boursin roesti potatoes 

Seasonal vegetables 


Double chocolate layered cake 


*Note: Dinner will start serving at 6pm.

Upon arrival a program of the evening will be provided. Please be sure to follow the outline.

We will have 3 types of recognition given in one night!

  • Professional Maximizer  

  • S.W.I.F.T. Magazine

  • Robin Shockley Humanitarian

Who is a Professional Maximizer?

“A Professional Maximizer is a man or woman on the rise reaching higher in their personal life as well as career despite the odds against them. They are a champion in all aspects and chooses to see the best in self as well as others. This person chooses to think believe and achieve goals and is the trailblazer rock for all who connect. They walk in brave and bold identity as they choose to serve community and those close. They are fearless and courageous making impact for future generations.”

S.W.I.F.T. Magazine Recognition

Make plans to attend & invite your family and friends to celebrate you as a contributing Writer & or Ambassador for the internationally known S.W.I.F.T. Magazine! At the Annual Unity Networking & Awards Night Ambassadors & Writers will be highlighted and recognized for their services to write stories recipes self-defense & beauty tips to help empower single women in focus today. (Contact Robin Shockley for ways you can contribute as an ambassador writer or sponsor to help us get planted in the women’s shelters across America) We are excited to feature you and grateful for your contribution to this Vision for women of all ages.

The Robin Shockley Humanitarian Award

This award is presented to someone who has been serving behind the scenes for 20 Plus years. The recipient is acknowledged for community serving in small and big capacities. They do not have to have a business or non profit but have been a positive role model in the community to inpact one generation to another by the positive seeds they sow today for all man kind regardless of race sex or background. This honoree chooses to be humble and kind in any situation helping behind the scenes.. This award is presented yearly as a token of appreciation for the walk in life they live as an example to display peace love and harmony for all people in which the honoree connects with.

Also, some of proceeds from event sales with help us contribute donations to a charity of choice as we gave $500 away last year! (See article write up here:

Hilton Greenville located at 45 Orchard Park Drive is one of our Sponsors and has blocked off a select number of rooms at a discount rate of $119 just for us when you mention Unity networking night. Contact them at to rsvp your room today! 864-232-4747

You can sign up & pay here with registration

Hotel bookings is only held through July 31st 2024 at the special rate.

We have our very own special DJ with Dr John WIlliams in the room helping highlight our Performers. He will be helping us host the entertainment for the night to showcase brands at this Annual Unity Networking & Awards Night for Community Professional Maximizers & S.W.I.F.T. Magazine recognition.

We will also have a few business Speakers in the room to share their nuggets of wisdom with business networking.

Sample here:

For the Vendors: $100 (does not include banquet meal, but an additional $50 fee can be added)

ALL Vendors with meal or without meal get these perks


*Free business card, ad, and Swiftmagazine for four issues ($100 value)

*Free 30 second promo pitch on stage about business

*Free access to media interview on the red carpet

*Includes three course meal salad, meal, dessert coffee & tea

*Includes one table and one chair (if you have an assistant, they still have to pay the $85 entry fee but they will be included in the drawings and receive dinner meal)

First 12 Vendors to PAY gets access in the banquet room. All other vendors outside at registration table..

Vendors who don't want a meal, cost is $100 and not guaranteed inside banquet room.

Every paying attendee:

Two free drawings!

*One Focus Forward with Robin Interview in person or virtual

($150 value in Greenville note: cost more in person outside Atl Charlotte cola Charleston )

*One full page business ad flyer in Swift Magazine for 4 issues.

($200 value)

How to register?

Click on FORMS link on website www.Robinshockley.


First who pay full price for Vendor $150 get access to banquet room with all awards & entertainment..

Everyone must register to “Get in the Room”

Contact Robin Shockley Alexis Hance Michael A Embry for forms of payment.


We will have entertainment in the room representing all genres of music, from country, gospel, hip hop and jazz.  **Entertainment must be clean and positive approved by Focus Forward with Robin & Rising Star Talent Group. Entertainers receive a flyer promo to circulate on social media created by 106 Live Radio - one of our Sponsors for event.

Remember this Unity Networking Night is to showcase YOU as the Vendor & Entertainer for your brand! Who gets exposure like this to network with various types of businesses. YOU do because we want to celebrate your brand! Get in the room and let it work for you.

We will have media coverages in the room with behind the scenes m, photography, and Networks. We are not limiting the media coverage. If you would like to make the media connection in the room, contact PR Robin Shockley directly.

Sponsor Opportunity:

Interested in being a Sponsor to help build brands in the community of America? Are you interested in placing your logo advertisement for your business to our Red-Carpet backdrop to take pictures and videos with interviews? The fee is only $50. Businesses or nonprofits do not have to be present to support. We also have additional Sponsor packages that will help benefit your business when you front the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond.

To pay for everything you must first register, and a link will send yu to form of payment.

Please reach out to one of us or email

Tickets will be sold on Eventbrite and a complete registration form will need to be filled out.

Contact Robin Shockley (SC) Michael A. Embry Sr (Virgina) Alexis Hance (Maryland) for more information on this exciting event.

Register now!

To pay:

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