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Sow where you want to grow

2 weeks ago, God told me to “sow” into a person or business everyday financially until Dec 31St as it’s preparing me for my NEW PROCESS year. Y’all know my slogan “sow where you want to grow” has benefited me the last five years as well as helping benefit others with teaching and sharing this method.

So I’m always giving back in multiple ways whether it’s financial, social connections & networking or with investing my time. But I’m not gonna lie it’s not been easy to sow a financial seed every single day as oppositions have been coming up.

But God is so good, This week alone, my long time friends & businesses have sent me money to surpass what money I have given out!!!’

Let me just testify when God gives you an order to do something don’t question it don’t be hesitant about it just follow the process and do it! He will always take care of his people!

As you go into 2023 I challenge you to find a word to take with you and sow into someone. I promise it will change the way you handle your life!

I’m not “Focus Forward with Robin” brand on my own, it’s all GOD and supporters who believed in me and stood with me to see the best in me. So if God can take my pit and make purpose he can do it for you too!!! it! I have been fasting sowing and praying all at the same time…. May 2023 be your new process year to focus forward to think. Believe and achieve!!!

Don't waste your live waiting on something, go out there and get it by sowing into others!

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