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Mr Big South Hosts Terrell Edmunds Meet and Greet music event with The Hip Hop Rodeo in Charlotte

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Recently I traveled to Charlotte North Carolina from Greenville South Carolina to get in a room full of music and football fans. The Slingshot location in Uptown is a large venue that has game activities from skeeball to a Jenga section that stands tall as a person. It's a great place for fun and entertainment. The stage was perfectly in place and the light show that the Slingshot in Charlotte displayed for each music performer was top lnotch portrayed in excellence.

The performance of Carolina 2x Shine was lit and the crowd supporting made it even better during the Hip Hop Rodeo event.  We had local photographers, and media such as Self Made Legend Productions & Vlogger Xo MaryMak, C.a.v_photography and Snipes Entertainment in the room catching great content for the whole night. 

As I walked the room with my video phone,

Pittsburgh Steelers Terrell Edmunds hears Carolina 2X Shine perform last Tuesday night at the Slingshot Charlotte and said, “just one more” and smiled. I knew then, he was enjoying the show.

Mr. Big South music management team was the host and promoter for this event that showcased Fever Entertainment client HellRaza Blaza along with Selv'Made Zay and the Twins. We even had a guest appearance for the "Terell Edmunds meet and greet" with his cousin Maxx and Amor Dior

performing too.  

Terrell’s brother Tremaine Edmunds who plays for the Buffalo Bills football team in New York showed up for support also. He was friendly and socialable in the room as I had the opportunity to chat a few minutes with him.

Mr. Big South is a behind the scenes guy but he says he appreciates everyone who came out to hear the music with his client Carolina 2x Shine and others. He also appreciates that the slingshot in Charlotte North Carolina who allowed the event to be the central location for this great meet and greet night.

Mr Big South is huge on giving away things for community support. So he gave two tickets away before the event night to social media followers who were very excited. The winners had to tag people on social media about the event and like Mr. Big South Facebook page. Dominique Lancaster won and she brought her son Rajon Lancaster who is a huge football fan. ( see YouTube video clip here

Mr. Edmunds spent some time talking to the son. and Rajon's mom said this was a great experience for him to meet Pro football player Terrell Edmunds.

 Michael A Embry, talent promoter out of Virgina  of Rising Star Talent Group also pitched in to support with giving two tickets for the meet and greet which were given to people who showed up that night.

Your girl Focus Forward with Robin was in the room networking for the team as always. Everyone had a blast. I would say this was a great night. And

after having a conversation with Terrell Edmunds about a huge Pittsburg Steelers fan I had recentlly met in my hometown of Greenville South Carolina, he agreed to sign the promotion poster so I could take it back home and give to the fan. It's great when you meet people who are a public figure that have great personalities and willing to expand their platform with public events such as with the Hip Hop Rodeo night.

For future performances & media info to support Mr Big South Music Managemet and his client Carolina 2x Shine (

Contact PR Robin Shockley or Mr Big South Manager on all platforms of social media. 

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