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Mental Health Stop the Violence Tour with MJG Movement

Save The Dates!

Five cities across the US will be taking a stand against mental health and violence.

 Focus Forward with Robin and Rising Stars Talent Group Michael A. Embry Sr is partnering with this organization that Professional Maximizer Elizabeth Gerald TF has founded in her daughter Marcie’s honor as well as other partners across the country.

Ms Elizabeth host events throughout the year in Chicago, and now she is on tour giving back continuously to help save our youth.

Cities included are

May 17-Virginia

June 14- Georgia

July 26th- Houston

August 16th- New Jersey

September 26th- Illinois

Right now the MJG Movement is seeking assistance with Speakers of leaders in community such as congressmen, Mayors, Clinicians, Psychologists. Also leaders in the community will consist of NBA & NFL Players, & Music Artists in these cities.

All media interested in attending one of these events please reach out to Ms Gerald on all social media platforms or email at

Also representing the Atlanta Georgia Tour of this event, Robin Shockley with 106 Live Radio will cover behind the scenes with interviews.

There will be food fun and fellowship at this FREE give away Tour event.

If you would like to make a contribution to donate or Sponsor a youth please reach out to the Founder Elizabeth Gerald for details. This is a non profit organization.

You might can’t be there in person, but you sure can make a contribution.

About the woman with the Vision, Elizabeth Gerald:

Other write ups about this 501c3 nonprofit organization and what contributions go toward to make a difference in the states..

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