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Focus Forward With Robin Review & takeaway of the 9Lives “One Woman” Show in Atlanta Georgia

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

A different perspective.....

9 Lives? What in  the world could that possibly mean? I have been  seeing  on social media promotional posts by Poet  & Hollywood Actress Vitelle Webb about this event.  I didn’t quite understand what this production was about however I saw the hard work and effort she put into bringing  awareness about this production,  herself.

As a Media Personality and Public Figure myself, I always observe the atmosphere to each event I attend.  Vitelle had a Red Carpet Host, Andretta Games, with her energetic attitude waiting as we entered the building in Atlanta Georgia to ask why were were there.  I brought a friend with me and as we were checking in, we were giving front row seats with VIP seating and gift bag full of resources and goodies.

In the back she had product and food vendors set up of which I did manage to visit one table and purpose an item.

The event started off with prayer by another host. Then we had entertainers perform to create an atmosphere that was welcoming and enticing to enjoy the show.

What impressed me about the performers at the beginning, each one really tapped into their gift of singing and poetry.

But it was actually the production itself that blew me away. Actress Vitelle Webb had the show set up with a live performance  that featured Carolyn Herring-Jones dancing, and Actor Garett Patterson portraying one of her past men in her life.  Added was a big movie screen time of nine character of women which included her own self.

So, She started out portraying the character of her own life of brokenness giving an overview  description of what was to come forth throughout the rest of the show. She wore a mask as she entered the room and began to remove it. At this point I knew she was about to walk into a place that most people are afraid to face. She proceeds to tell us short stories and then we looked on the screen to see the film of each character and how they were in a counseling session  pieces of their life which her own true story.

We had the following women each  in a description breakdown of them speaking their why and their story behind the reason for who they were.  I had never seen anything like this before in a production they had so many variations at one time in a show.  I personally love the breakdown of each character.  Below is a description of each one and the trials and tribulations each dealt with during the course of their lives:

Red Dawn

Kidnapping rape human trafficking

Jessie Mortish

suicide depression

Brandi Dinero

adult entertainment industry

June summertime

childhood trauma

Peggy Payne

domestic violence in various forms of abuse

Erika Empire


Ashley Rivera


Nariah  Dreamin

identity low self-esteem racism

When I say that Vitelle portrayed each character in perfection is an understatement.

However the story behind the story is that these are parts of each of her life situations that she has dealt within her childhood and adult life.

The trauma that Vitelle Webb has lived has been horrific in so many ways that can’t be explained only experienced. However during the performance  of the show The audience was able to tap in and feel humble to examine what stories were presented to us.

There were clips that I would laugh, I would cry, or I would go in silence because I couldn’t even imagine some of the situation’s that a child or adult had to keep in silence.

Personally my take away is there are parts of this production I could relate to different characters And I’m sure others felt the same.

Vitelle is a phenomenal woman who took a chance to tell her story in a different way. She went beyond the average podcast interview or the average speaking event to share her life story. She tapped into her creative side and she made a production of her life journey. What is so interesting about this phenomenal woman is that she did this all on her own with her own production company of US 3 PRODUCTION. Of course she had some help here and there but the vision came from her. She stated she did all the editing herself too.

I really had to evaluate the overall performance with it not only being a one woman show and very impressed by that, but to truly get the meaning and purpose of why she did it.

There are parts in the production where it is a “rated R” version when she shared about her family and how they didn’t  accept her or want her. She shared also through her poetry stories and video of the people She was supposed to trust who didn’t even believe in her as well as physically beat and sexually assaulted her.

This takes a huge courage attempt to step up out of your comfort to speak your truth in such a way knowing that it’s actually hurting and damaging the people you’re talking about. This impacted me to pause and think because so many men and women have stories and they hold back based on the opinion of what the family is going to think of them when they talk. Families don’t want the deep secrets told and they want you to cover it up as if there was never a pain that existed from the trauma. Or they feel this is part of life every generation goes through it.

Vitelle broke that curse when she chose to speak out.

The problem with society today we want to Bandaid  things and cover up The real pain with temporary solutions such as the faces of each character in the production 9 Lives. But as a woman who helps coach other women to live a life of purpose you have to get to the root of your issues and deal with them in order to break cycles. Vitelle looked beyond even her current financial circumstance or her mental stability and she push through the pain to accomplish her purpose. This right here is a prime example of a woman of virtue because even while she still was going through changes in her life she still push through to trust God‘s process.

As my “Focus Forward with Robin” review I would say it has  to take someone very unique And special to utilize the gift that God has given within her to share her story in this way. Obviously she did get rescued in the end from all the forms of character personalities and has received her healing. But as she stated it has taught her to be strong and to take her pit and turn it into purpose.  For that reason I believe this is why she is able to travel the Country to present not only a performance but a ministry to help heal men and women from the traumatic experiences they encounter.

If you would like to have Vitelle Web come to your city or state to perform this production you can reach her at 770–6 26–5075 or go directly to her website www.Vitelle .net

She is an award-winning actress and humanitarian who shares her personal Traumatic  experiences in this uniquely styled production. She also has written the book “I am A Poetic Ensemble” and you can get a copy of this book to find out more about her story.

I see that is a true honor to enjoy her one woman show performance.


Personal: Often I write short stories that are personal and relatable. I hope that through my experiences or thoughts, you are empowered to step out of your own comfort and focus forward to think to believe and achieve whatever it is that you face in life.

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