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Baltimore MD Blue Ribbon Gala

It takes a team to work a successful business! Thankful for those who support the Focus Forward with Robin movement to promote small businesses & non profit organization and RShockley Enterprises LLC and my Vision. I wrote the Press Release and one of my PR partners LA Expose' helps design my work. Please be sure to check out the most recent press release below written in reference to Bella Levy and her upcoming Blue Ribbon Gala in Baltimore Maryland in January!

We will first start off the weekend On Friday January 27th.

The happy hour time will be an opportunity to meet our amazing vendors and sponsors as well as consist enjoying the creative version of the cocktail drink, " Bellatini" that part of the proceeds will go to the BLF.

Interested in being a vendor, or sponsor or performer please contact Bella’s Event coordinator Alexis Young.

Cllick the link to read more about this special weekend and purpose for how you can support and book your hotel and get tickets.


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