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Tuesday, 09 March 2021 00:23

Robin Shockley in Red - Think. Believe. Achieve

Robin Shockley is the Founder of “Focus Forward with Robin”, which includes being a Columnist Writer for several magazines:


Writer (Magazine)
Pain 2 Purpose Magazine - Editor Tangie Roseborro
Bold Plus Magazine - Editor Lynita Mitchell
Infinite Designs Editor Drina Toress
Your City Magazine Spartanburg - Editor Beverly Vercher
Scars of Survival Editor Saytha Callender
Heat Seekers Editor Teressa B. Howell


She is a published author of "Catching the Vision to Focus Forward" book and Author of over 60 inspiring faith based devotionals.


Author (Book)
Catching the Vision to Focus Forward (Devotional) (Author) ( 2020)
In the Morning (book) (contributing writer) uplifting stories of triumph perseverance and encouragement (2020)


PR Agent
Provide promotional media and social media support through brand recognition

GNG Productions (movie Production Company) (Larry Derr, Producer)
Angela Anderson International Talent Management (Angela Anderson)
World Women Conference and Awards (Ragne Sinikas)
Regina Sunshine Global Network (Regina Robinson)


She believes there is freedom to move forward in life to think, believe and achieve a thing. Robin is the Media Publicist for the World Women Conference & Awards Atlanta Chapter that hosts events to bring women together by sharing access skills and advocacy.

She has received several awards such as the 2016 Community Creative Brilliance Award

2018 Living Legends Power of Women Award, 2019 Woman of Strength Award & the 2020 Extraordinary People’s Award for LEGACY Volunteerism & Extraordinary People's Award for Multimedia. And she has received the 2020 United States Presidential Volunteerism Award for community service. She also is the USA Goodwill Ambassador for Come on In Inc. based out of Colorado. Robin has been featured in the HUAMI nationwide magazine in 2018 and the UPWORDS magazine out of India in 2019. She was featured SHOUTOUT ATLANTA in 2020. She dedicates her life being a humanitarian for all cultures giving back to communities in other countries and in her own home town of Greenville SC while telling her own personal story for helping others.

Robin’s purpose in life is being the link between the person who needs help and the person who can help. She motivates people to recognize their potential, purpose & passion for moving forward in life while living their best legacy today through serving others. She is the Founder of Girls Gifted 4 God Outreach where she serves her community with facilitating Vision Board Workshops, speaking events & providing a platform for others to build their brand while she builds hers too. Robin travels around the country interviewing others to share their WHY stories for social media. She is the bridge maker that inspires individuals and small businesses to gain confidence to recognize the importance of stepping forward to make a difference now for future generations. Contact Robin Shockley for your next event to speak, host or facilitate your next event at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sunday, 10 October 2021 23:23
Baltimore Maryland brings ‘Guns and Grams’ to Miami and includes a past SAG Award and two NAACP Image Award Nominees Guns and Grams

Hollywood, California Mar 11, 2021 ( - Baltimore Maryland brings ‘Guns and Grams’ to Hollywood and includes a past SAG Award and two NAACP Image Award Nominees.

SAG Awards Nominee and American Black Film Festival winner Clifton Powell (Ray, Civil Brand) and winner of the Locarno International Film Festival and Young Artist Award winner Omar Gooding (Baby Boy, Wild & Crazy Kids) round out the cast in GNG Productions debut feature film “Guns and Grams”.

Omar Gooding Hosts the Red Carpet Premier in Miami at AMC Aventura Mall on October 15th 2021. Also, David Scott is set to interview moviegoers who will share their review of the Movie. The Red Carpet Event is at 6pm for media to interview.

Larry Derr is the movie’s producer, director, screenwriter & actor. The film’s limited release has been picked up by AMC Theaters and has sold out multiple viewings in Baltimore, Hollywood, New York and Atlanta and is expanding to other cities. Due to its ongoing success, Derr’s Guns And Grams was awarded the movie wall of fame for 2020 in Baltimore for selling out the most shows along with Black Panther, Acrimony, and Avengers at the AMC Theatres.

Independent film distributor Adler & Associates Entertainment has acquired the rights in fielding and is now giving offers for worldwide sales on digital and VOD (Video On Demand).

Derr has been reeled in for some BIG projects on the rise! He wrote this TRUE to Life story of guns, drugs and gang life that took place in his home town of Baltimore Maryland. It is a mixture of his very own personal life as well as the life of the Sicilian mafia.

"GUNS AND GRAMS" is based on actual events of an old standing alliance between the Sicilian and African American Gangsters; Forged with dirty money and backroom deals to outline the rules of the heroin trade in Baltimore. It's pushed to the breaking point by a new generation driven by crime and greed.

March 2021, Mr. Derr presented the movie to Adler & Associates Entertainment to distribute it worldwide. This is exciting! There are over 14 notable celebrities in this film including Tray Chaney (The Wire), J.D. Williams (Pootie Tang, OZ), Hassan Johnson (Brooklyn’s Finest) and so many more!

CONTACT Public Relations Manager Leon Bellamy to schedule an interview

(864) 918-9764 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Robin Shockley in Red - Think. Believe. Achieve This 31 day Devotional Book is dedicated to all the dreamers who desire to move from the fear of stepping into their new brave and bold movement and who are making the decision to pursue vision to rise up and catch what is for them. Along with an encouraging message, bible verses and prayers are set up each day with a challenge to trigger the reader to think believe and achieve a thing. Be prepared to grow closer to yourself and God as you take this journey with catching the vision to focus forward.

Catching the Vision to Focus Forward: A journey to a new brave and bold life




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