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Wolves at the Gate Charity Event

Yours truly Focus Forward with Robin will be in the room as the Emcee Host. Do you have your ticket for this Gala? It’s a FREE ticketed event fundraiser!!

You have a dream to produce or write? Yall know my saying, “sow where you want to grow” this is a great investment for yourself and to help out a peer in the industry.

This weekend the Wolves at the Gate Red Carpet Charity and Silent Auction Banquet is taking place in Columbia SC.

With live performances, speakers, and the exclusive opportunity to see the teaser trailer for Wolves at the Gate, you will have an exclusive opportunity to get involved with this inspiring movement. This film is based on a TRUE story!

Wolves at the Gate is a feature film that brings awareness to Post Traumatic Prison Disorder and the effects that it has on not only the person incarcerated but also their family and loved ones. Your generous donations at this event will solidify the funding necessary to both complete the film’s production and share it with the rest of the world for awareness, education, and prison reform.

Dr. Sharon Davis , the Writer and Executive Producer, and Andrew Gajadhar, the Director, will be there to talk about the film as well!

To register for your FREE tickets, go to:

I was in one of the scenes last fall and had an amazing time with the cast & crew. I cannot wait to see everyone again this weekend!

Register & Meet me in Columbia SC!

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