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Know your worth!

That time I was in Las Vegas Nevada shopping Tiffany's At the Belagio. for the very first time. Hmmmmm.. So amazing but yet so funny!

You’re probably thinking, why are you making a big deal over getting a bottle of perfume that was like 100 bucks. You can get that anywhere.

However there is a message behind this video. See I never thought I was worth anything of value I never believed in myself I never thought that I deserve to go inside a store such as Tiffany’s to even look at their jewelry.

Oh that particular day I actually tried on thousand dollars worth of jewelry it was that day that I realized that I deserve to be there. The person that I was with help me see that by actually making me go in the store when I was hesitant. I’m forever grateful to my brother Jamie Cashion. Not only did he make me go into the store. We were sitting at the Restaurant HEXX and he proceeds to hold my hand and tell me he knows I'm going through a tough time and he wanted to let me know that he is here for me and in my hand he placed a blessing of $200. Now he had no clue that I struggle to even be on that trip. I had a bill that was due when I returned and I took all I had available to pay for the plane ticket. That money help pay the Bill when I returned home. I don't know about you but I am a faith believer and I believe God is always on time and he will always meet our needs not just our wants.

Sometimes it’s a person place or thing that will help you realize to know your worth it wasn’t about the perfume it was about the value of the one who believed in them self holding the perfume of value.

See, some of you don’t know the cost of my oil. (That’s a song alabaster box). And one thing I’ve discovered no matter what I’ve been through I will never return to the depression state that I used to be in and stay there. I will do everything in my will power to help those and pray those through the hard times because I know what it feels like to want to give up on life and not to live. (I took a bottle of pills at age 19 so I know I have the right to speak on depression)

You are worthy you are valuable you are important and you are a champion destined to do great things such as be silly and have fun shopping in a high fashion jewelry store making Facebook videos promoting the company.. 😂😂😂

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