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FFWR Deon Albert

Watch the aftershow interview here. Deon will be returning to the studio for another interview soon.

guess who is going to be on the Focus Forward with Robin show of 106 Live Radio out of Atlanta Georgia? Actor & Entrepreneur Deon Albert.

We met on set while he was filming when I interviewed our Director for another film. He’s been so busy with building his Acting career and having a new baby, we finally are getting to meet up! I Cannot wait to interview Deon and find out his WHY story for the desire to act as well as what pushes him to be an entreprenuer.

Focus Forward With Robin Shockley Tune in & Listen LIVE 🎧 10/16/22 at 3-4pm EST

View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or View us LIVE: 106 Live Radio Facebook or

💫 Click The Link In The Bio…⭐️

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