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Dinner for 1

Focus Friday:

The original message I had planned to share is on hold until the proper time to release. However, I’ve been working on a promo flyer for a new client so I took a break to have “Dinner for 1” and I’m okay with that, for tonight that is. I came to a small Italian place called Elvino Restaurant near my home after driving around trying to figure out what I wanted to eat. I had a cheese pizza and a caprese salad.

I haven’t had a break alone in a while nor have I treated myself to a nice dinner alone in awhile. Eating Dinner for 1 doesn’t bother me anymore.

I’ve healed and Ive moved on and I’ve found myself. So despite what the public may think, I’m at a happy peaceful place so I’m past the “do me phase” to show I can do it.

I do me all the time. Everyday, and I embrace it.

And if I have someone, great and if I don’t, great. I still am with joy.

So eating alone is common for me. However, one day, this WILL fade 80% and I’m looking forward to that day! I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t care to stay single.

Surprised? Well “my true one and only” will embrace our time together and he will be ready to settle just like me. I look forward to that day!

Not many people will go public and talk about it. I’ve been told people even ask others why does Robin talk about being single and then also wanting a relationship?

I just laugh because I know and realize everyone is built different than me. God has designed me and my path this way for transparency. I’ve learned to be honest with not just others but myself that I denied for so many years.

I’ll just leave it with that…☺️

If you find yourself struggling to get out of your comfort to do something by yourself even if you are in a relationship, I challenge you to embrace the moment to just be you. Join a social media group to help you cope in the area that you struggle. Or maybe go out to dinner by yourself for the first time and then you’ll realize it’s not so bad, even if they play the sad loved songs such as “I’m all out of love” by Air Supply Music. (Which is my favorite! And it was actually playing while I type this)

Or maybe choose to speak up and publicly embrace the real authentic you in front of your family and peers.

Whatever that challenges you I hope it give you hope and a great future!


A single woman in focus today

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