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Being Bold and Brave, instead of scared and timid

A few years ago I was presented the Extraordinary People Awards for the category of “Multi Media Award of Honor” in Missouri. This Is an international award that was given virtually. But favor has been following me and I was able to get myself in the room to receive it in person because of Dr. John WIlliams and Brenda L. Williams.

I love what I do for others to expose them and help build their brands. I don’t try to fit in. I just be myself and God does the rest. Im grateful for the many connections around the world in just a few short years.

I was thinking. What if I had of given up during those depression months and what if I had of chosen to stay scared and timid to walk into the purpose God was setting up for me? I would have not been able to meet amazing people from all around the world yes, but better than that I would have never became the free bird I am today as a domestic violence overcomer and spokes person for all the broken people needing help to get their wings healed to fly again.

Meeting people from different walks of life helped me push into the full potential of Gods plan for me. And as I continue to rise up I still am growing.

Nothing happens by accident. I prayed things into existence for many years and now I’m reaping the harvest. I never desired recognition for anything. I’ve always desired to serve others behind the scene pushing them to the front. I’m crying as I write this as I know God loves me. He loves me so much he created me to gain understanding through my friends coaches and mentors he sent in my life when I felt I was all alone. They helped me to be to be bold and brave instead of scared and timid. I thank everyone of you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to showcase you through interviews on the go or on my Focus Forward with Robin Show. Or just being a listening ear and word of encouragement.

I know some won’t get my WHY of going above and beyond, traveling the distance and mostly out of my own pocket. But for those who do, you get what it means to sow where you want to grow and get yourself in the room!

My life & my brand is full. It’s not all I want it to be, it’s more than I ever hoped it to be!

If you are walking in fear to be bold and brave in your situation nomatter what it may be, let my life trials and tribulations over the years be the example to encourage you to get your breakthrough. That means more to me than any award. Love to all!! Keep shining and choose to think believe & achieve your passions for life! Robin Shockley

Who is Robin Shockley?

Bio of Robin Shockley

Robin Shockley is a native of Greenville SC but travels all over the country with her PR business promoting small businesses and impacting lives, not limited to, but mostly in the music & movie industry. She brings her advocacy skills of caring for others whether it be youth or adults across the globe helping impact positivity as being a Domestic Violence Advocate, Actress, Author, Radio/TV Talk Show host with “Focus Forward with Robin”, Media Publicist and contributing Writer for various magazines such as her own S.W.I.F.T. Magazine geared toward single women in focus today. Robin is a servant leader coach and Public Motivational Speaker who helps others to believe in the power of positivity no matter what your experiences are if you Choose to think believe and achieve a thing through serving community.

She has received several awards such as the 2016 Community Creative Brilliance Award, 2018 Living Legends Power of Women Award, 2019 & 2021 Woman of Strength Award & the 2020 Extraordinary People’s International Media Award. She also is the USA Goodwill Ambassador for Come on Inc based out of Colorado. She recently was awarded the Presidential Volunteer SERVICE Award 2020 as well as the Woman of the Year ExtraOrdinary Peoples Award for 2021. She is the BLF Public Relations agent of the year 2022 and the Distinguished “BE YOU” recipient for 2022. Recently she was crowed as recipient of the 2023 Woman of Honor in Atlanta Georgia. And she recently created her own magazine SWIFTMag for single women in focus today.

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