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An enjoyable night at Portofino's Italian in Greenville SC

An enjoyable night at Portofino's Italian in Greenville SC (0)

I love Portofino's Italian! It’s my favorite Italian place in Greenville locatged in Haywood road right across from the Hilton Hotel and down the street from the mall. . I always get the eggplant parmesan and red wine but tonight I changed it up because it’s my birthday weekend! I had the Tortellaci which included Six cheese pasta purses sautéed with portobello mushrooms, prosciutto, red onions, roasted red bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and finished in a rosemary cream sauce. The flavors mixed together and texture of the pasta was so wonderful. The triple cupcake Marti was fabulous. It’s a total chocolate lovers dream! The dessert drink included Citicorp French vanilla and the vodka is mixed with the white & dark chocolate liquor. But it was so mild and served very cold that it wasn’t strong at all. It actually tasted like chocolate milk. Oh and did I mention they give you unlimited Italian salad and garlic buttery bread rolls? This place is a must try! I loved the classical jazz music played and our server Brandy was very nice and helpful. I highly recommend this place located off Haywood Road in Greenville SC if you are an Italian food lover.
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Tasteful tips and trips was on the road visiting the big city of Atlanta. Antheion Dion is a great friend who is the photographer and videographer of "Always live in Atlanta" and works with the popular radio station "106 Live Radio" Its always a pleasure to hang out in Atlanta with my good friend Antheion. Each time we get a chance to meet, he selects a restaurant and chooses my meal. (I kinda like that!) A few months ago we visited the Cascade Spice house located at 2247 Cascade Rd, Atlanta, GA 30311. It was my first experience here and…
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Tasteful Tips on a Hollywood Trip

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Recently I was on a business trip traveling to Hollywood California to promote one of my clients with GNG Productions as the PR Agent. While visiting there for work, I came up on a few places to eat that made me want to go back should I return to the state again. After walking the streets on Rodeo Drive that afternoon, we turned the corner and some of the production team decided to eat at Ocean Prime restaurant in Beverly Hills located at on 9595 Wiltshire Boulevard. The weather was nice but a little chilly. However, we decided to sit…