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Thursday, 04 March 2021 01:57

Let's Build Your Brand

Every person who is starting out as a business professional has the goal to get their name known. Let RShockley Enterprises, LLC assist you with reaching your public relations and social media goals to promote your business or community platform.

Here are a few examples how we can make your name known to the public and bring awareness of your brand. We specialize in the beginner businesses that have a desire to think believe and achieve the purpose of building the brand. Below are justa few of the way that we desire to help see you be the best version of yourself. 

  • We strategize in helping meet your social media business goals with a one on one personal “What’s your why story?” in person Interview that is aired through social media Live as an impromptu style setting.


  •  We market and showcase your clothing brand and or product line on the Focus Forward with Robin Show with a photo write up as well. 


  • We offer an extra opportunity to display your story or brand through a magazine article  written by Robin Shockley after an interview is set. 


  • We create albums and blogs on social media platforms with videos, photos, hashtags, articles and such to build your brand with style to the community world of facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube and the website.


  • We take the content and share it to multiple groups and platforms on social media.


  • We write select articles that are qualified for magazines and give the client the option to later sponsor with an ad.


  • We advertise with flyers of your brand on the Focus Forward with Robin Show that airs monthly at the RSGN Network in Atlanta Georgia.




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